Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's that Day Again

Last year on this date, I wrote a short post about historical events I always recall on August 16.  I have noticed a few news stories about Elvis today and I thought it worthwhile to link back to the earlier post.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Who's your caddy?

Contributed by Auggie
We’re leading up to the final major of the year but there is still a lot of chatter about last week’s Bridgestone Invitational tournament, where Adam Scott played a key role in propelling Steve Williams to victory (see photo of Adam Scott congratulating Williams on his impressive win). Yeah, I realize Scott is the player and Williams is the caddy but you would never know it listening to Williams’ post-round interview where he talks about “his 145 career victories” and “how confident he is with a lead on Sunday”. I don’t remember Stevie hitting a single shot, but I did see him toss some grass into the air once to test the wind direction. In other news, the towel boy for the Green Bay Packers is going for his second consecutive Super Bowl this season. Give it a rest man; no one tunes in to watch the Sherpas.

The only thing more annoying than Williams' self admiration is the media’s continued obsession with all things Tiger – which is why Williams was interviewed in the first place. As you may know, Williams was Tiger’s long-time caddy before being fired a couple weeks ago, purportedly in part because he caddied for Adam Scott while waiting for Tiger to get back in the game. The story was just too juicy for the feeble-minded media to pass up. In all my years of golf viewing couch potatoism it’s the first time I have seen a caddy interviewed after a tournament. But here is the best part. After creating a Williams vs Woods story and beating it to death, the same press then has the audacity to ask the question “Is Adam Scott’s victory being overshadowed by the attention to Steve Williams?”. You think? And Voila! - just like that you have another 3-day story that has nothing to do with the actual sport. I hate the mainstream media.

Here’s to hoping for a great PGA championship this week. Maybe Scott and Woods will miss the cut and we can focus on golf