Monday, November 30, 2009

Laws of reason

Contributed by Auggie
I heard on the news this morning that Colorado has become the latest State to adopt a no-texting-while-driving law. What would be most surprising – if these things surprised me anymore - is that it needs to be a law at all. It seems that common sense might prevail once and awhile but apparently not. A wise man once told me that “driving is a privilege, not a right”. It’s a shame that more people don’t hold that view.

Since we’re writing laws against foolhardiness, I would also like to see the following acts banned while driving.

• Shaving
• Reading the paper
• Eating a three-course meal
• Applying make-up

Yes, I have witnessed all of the above on my daily commute. Furthermore – wait, I gotta go, the light just turned green.


  1. i think the last line sums it up - everyone thinks it doesn't apply to them. why can't a commute be the one circumstance on earth, other than the shower, where you are unreachable? even planes are getting wireless now. sheesh.

  2. Most of our laws revolve around "forcing" some sort of common sense on people, mainly because humans have tragically evolved to the point where we don't have it anymore. Much like wisdom teeth - we all use to have them, but today some have them and some don't; one day humans will evolve to the point where no one has wisdom teeth. The helmet law, seat belt law, littering laws, and laws requiring warning labels on products (eg. do not use hair drier in shower) are all designed to keep as many morons on our planet as possible. At least with the texting law, we're not only trying to protect the driver, but other drivers/pedestrians as well.