Friday, April 16, 2010

Adrift on the Sea of Modern Whim

As Auggie described in his post about "The Blame Game" last year, everything you can imagine, no matter how absurd, eventually manages to happen.

You may recall that his favorite fictitious example of legal absurdity (suing a baseball bat manufacturer for an incident when the bat performed perfectly) actually unfolded in a court of law. Clearly, the realization that he had miscalculated the bounds of lunacy shook him to the core and left him searching for a semblance of structure in a nonsensical world.

I now find myself drifting in the same state of confusion after having a similar experience. We have arrived at a point of ridiculousness that I had previously thought to be unreachable and I must now find a new example of "unthinkably foolish consumer products".

It is no longer a joke. Chocolate toothpaste has arrived.


  1. for that shit-eating grin

  2. Jeff Ryer4/16/2010

    That was not me....