Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Minivan Milestone

So I'm driving a minivan now. I gotta tell ya, it feels pretty good.

I am well aware of the stereo-types. I know that for many, the move from a cooler ride to a functional family mover, is a transition that marks the end of their hip self-image. But here's the thing; I embraced a crotchety old guy self-image a long time ago. For me, the minivan brought me back on par with all the 30-somethings who run in mainstream, suburban, family-centric circles.

I know most of you thought, based on my personality, that I was moving toward a 4-door sedan with rear-wheel drive, vinyl seats, and an AM radio. Well, that was my second choice. I could slip into some checkered pants, get behind the wheel of an Oldsmobile, and feel right at home.

But for at least a few years more, I'll be tooling around in a boxy 8-seater, telling teens to pull up their pants, and basically feeling hip.

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  1. Jeff Ryer2/05/2011

    SNOW PIG !

    I still don't know if it was the car, or the driver that could not match up to Jeff Ryer and the Thunder Chicken. I think the race record was 23 wins, 1 loss (old lady got in the way), and 1 tie (cutting across the lawn at Cortland Court) ??