Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What Ever Happened to Liver?

Does anyone eat liver any more? (Attention foodies, don't reply with anecdotes about foie gras)

When I was growing up, liver was the icon of disgusting food that was good for you. As such, children were required to consume it every now and then. Every kid could relate to the horror of liver night. There were even jokes about it; everyone tacitly understood the scourge of liver.

Seems like liver was always served with spinach. Not sure if that was a tactic for facing all of the unpleasantness in one fell swoop or if it was some evil plot that parents perpetrated on their kids to "build character".

Anyway, I never even hear it mentioned any more. Now I think broccoli holds the mantle of "worst tasting food that must be consumed for its nutritional content".


  1. Jeff Ryer12/09/2009

    Is liver considered a meat ? If it is, we eat too much meat anyway. I know an old man who used to eat liver and onions (and Sardine sandwiches) and it was gross then and it is just as gross now.

    Tip: squeeze some lemon on the broc and the kids eat it up....

  2. Anonymous12/14/2009

    Oh I remember liver from school meals! Actually, mashed potatoes with ground liver sauce (like ground beef) wasn't that bad, but those 1" chunks in liver casserole just didn't go down. Ugh...