Saturday, April 25, 2009

Foodies: The New Wine Snobs

There's not a menu left in America featuring a single item that I fully understand. Meat and potatoes are no longer served.

The problem is that too many people learned the rules of thumb about wine (an absurd notion in and of itself) so it became difficult for the sophisticated upper class to look down on those who were unsavvy about grape varietals.

Alas, the seemingly endless diversity of international spices and ethnic cooking techniques have given rise to a whole new world of faux food appreciation. For every person who seems to truly understand and enjoy food on some higher than average plane, I encounter ten who try to seem worldly with their food knowledge.

The give away is that these culinary wannabes never encounter foods they don't like. They ALWAYS rave about some dish or another; it is a transparent means of flashing their food IQ's.

The result? Restaurants play to these people with ridiculous descriptions of their food, and people like me, who do not wish to engage in futile, social-climbing exercises, can no longer know what we have ordered until we actually taste it.

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