Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Benedict Brown

Contributed by Auggie
The honeymoon is over. Scott Brown is now being called “Benedict” Brown because he GASP!! broke party ranks and voted for a bill not created by his own party. His campaign contributors feel betrayed and have disowned him, and for good measure he is now an involuntary member of the RINO club (Republican In Name Only). And you wonder why nothing gets done in Congress? This tactic has become all too common among BOTH parties. In a nutshell, the strategy goes something like this: prevent the other party from taking action by any means possible (filibuster is preferred choice), this leads to the public perception that said party is incompetent, spoiler party wins more seats the next time around. The partisanship in our government is worse now than I can ever remember (of course, I'm not very old). This is why I’m an independent. I like to be able to have an opinion without checking with my party first.

We should fire all the idiots and start over. I’m Auggie and I approve this message.


  1. Jeff Ryer2/25/2010

    Right on Auggie !

    All the jibber jabber is about how he broke rank, crossed the aisle, abandoned the conservatives. No one is talking about the merits of the Bill. No one cares about the thing he voted on !!!

    Welcome to the world of sound bites, information overload, and 800 channel TVs. Show me a young person that does any deep thinking on an issue, and i will show you someone with the qualities to lead a company or a country......

    One of the greatest investors of all time is Seth Klarman in Boston (even better than Buffett) and his approach is to often have one of his analysts research only one company for upwards of a year. When Enron collapsed, he had one analyst spend 4 years getting to know Enron better than anyone on the planet. The results were amazing.

    Moral of the story ? You can't learn much about anything in 150 characters or less......

  2. Fortunately, I think, the common sense of the people who elected Scott Brown (i.e., independents) will prevail over those who see everyhing in only black and white/good and evil/win or lose.