Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I've Been Muttering About

We all have busy lives. I presume your lives ebb and flow much like mine and that, from time to time, hobbies like blogging must be ignored for short periods. Had I found a bit more free time over the past two weeks, I probably would have posted my thoughts on the following:

- Peyton Manning leaving the field with out shaking hands after the Super Bowl
- Superbowl advertising 1 (the Tebow flap)
- Superbowl advertising 2 (extreme violence in movie trailers)
- US citizenship process
- Howard Dean's whooping scream that cost him the nomination
- Marathon training
- Home ownership

I'm still riled up about a couple of these so they may become blog topics in the coming days.


  1. Gotta admit, I was looking forward to a Den Rant today. I ended up writing one of my own, so if you need your fill you think of me as Diet Den, or DenLite. Click my name above this post for the link to my latest infuriation with news organizations misusing statistics. It's just like when Jay Mohr fills in for Jim Rome on the radio!

    Dennis, maybe this will get you to write on a new topic: When people use other peoples venues to push their own agenda. Gonna need creative royalties tho. My people will call your people.

    The Favorite Nephew

  2. Boo Hoo2/17/2010

    Speaking of agendas -

    Charlie Baker for Governor of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.