Friday, March 4, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Forty-four years ago today, the Stones hit number one on the US charts with "Ruby Tuesday". 

It's a nice song that has, as this short article summarizes, an interesting back story.  The short version is that Ruby Tuesday was the B-side of the single "Let's Spend the Night Together", but DJ's in the USA were uncomfortable with the explicit sexual references on the A-side, so they played Ruby Tuesday instead.  Next thing you know, it's at number 1.

For me, I have been searching for the meanig of the words "Ruby Tuesday" for many years.  I have scoured the internet, read way too many books on the Stones, and even written directly to Bill Wyman, who claims to love responding to letters from Stones fans.  So far, no luck in unearthing why those two words were chosen as the song's title.

I thought I was on to something once, and may have been, when I noted in Bill Wyman's excellent book "Stone Alone", that he referred to a particular day in Stones history, when Mick and Keith were arraigned in court for drug possession charges, as "Ruby Tuesday".  Alas, I could never confirm the meaning of that particular reference.

If you think you know something about this...please let me know.


  1. Jeff Ryer3/05/2011

    Maybe - Keef said in his recent book that he wrote this song about the first girl who ever broke his heart; she is Ruby Tuesday. I forget her real name, but she was a really free spirit who would never settle down or stay in the same place for too long. He completely fell head-over-heels for her and they lived together for a little while in London in the 60s. The Stones went out on tour and when they got back, she had totally moved on and he was heartbroken, but not at all surprised because that was just her way

  2. yes - that is a well known story. But why the words "Ruby Tuesday"...? That is the truth I seek.

  3. Jeff Ryer3/06/2011

    Truth Seekers - they always make things complicated.
    Her name was Ruby and she left him on a Tuesday.