Monday, March 14, 2011

The Three Musk-a-tears

Contributed by Auggie
Insensitive sports fan

When Lebron James decided (on national television) to take his talents to South Beach last July to join Dwayne Wade and newcomer Chris Bosh, the Miami Heat became instant villains in the minds of many NBA fans. Count me among the many. I didn’t really have a problem with Lebron’s decision, and though his chosen method of announcement was boorish that’s not what swayed my opinion. No, for me it was the introduction party they held shortly after joining forces complete with an ostentatious video of the new “Big Three” (Wade, James & Bosh) strutting around a stage with smoke, music and flashing lights in a production that would have made Lady Gaga proud. “Hey everyone, look at us!” I guess it didn’t occur to them to include their inconsequential teammates in the video. All these theatrics were happening before they won a single game of course. And there was Bosh, perhaps the proudest one of all, right in the middle of the action with his scowl face (in mid-season form) and clenched fists swaggering around like he had just slayed the dragon. Quite a display of hubris from the man who single handedly renders the term “Big Three” a misnomer. They should call it “the big 2 with tag-along Chris”. Wade and James could pick up a three guys off the street and still win 45 games but Bosh seems to think he is a vital cog. Nope, I’m not Bosh fan.

Fast forward a few months and the Heat are in the middle of a five game losing streak and there is Bosh sitting at the post-game podium in tears. Ordinarily my senstive side would rise to the surface and I’d feel compassion for a fellow human in pain, but in this case I laughed so hard that beer came out my nose. Later on Bosh complained that he doesn’t feel comfortable in his role and suggested he’s not getting enough touches. Well imagine that; you put three guys together who are accustomed to being the focal point of their team, you have one basketball to share, and they can’t all be the big star. Who could have seen that coming?

Despite Miami’s recent struggles I wouldn’t count them out. They have the talent, and if they get hot during the playoffs they could ride that wave to a championship and have the last laugh on all us new found Miami haters. In the meantime, forgive me if I revel in their agony.

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