Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hockey Anyone?

Contributed by Auggie
Former fan of the NBA

Is anyone out there upset by the absence of NBA games due to the lockout? Has anyone out there noticed the absence of NBA games due to the lockout?

Even as a long-time NBA fan I find myself hoping they cancel the entire season. The NBA financial model is clearly flawed and needs to change. There is enough blame to share among the owners and players, and as usual greed is at the root of the problem. On the one hand, I don’t think the players realize how good they have it. When mediocre players can land a guaranteed multi-million dollar contracts and not even live up to their own mediocre standards then something is wrong. And on the other hand, who is giving out those ridiculous contracts? The owners clearly need a system to protect themselves from themselves.

But the financial absurdities are not the sole reason for my attitude. In many ways, this is not your father’s NBA. Maybe the rules haven’t changed much over the years but the culture certainly has. Today’s NBA is an alpha-dog, in-your-face, I’m-the-man, don’t-[mess]-with-me culture. (Note: “mess” wasn’t the first word that popped into my mind but this is a family blog). The “joy of winning” has given way to “defending your turf”. This is just not appealing to the traditional fan base, or at least to me.

So what are the owners and players really fighting about? Well everyone knows that revenue sharing is a big part of the impasse, but did you know about these other issues that are yet to be ironed out?

Tattoos: Players want a minimum of 27 tattoos per player or 18% of body area. Owners want to cap it at 15 tattoos/10% body area, but of course players already in the league would be grandfathered.

Guns allowed in locker room: Owners want zero. Players want one per player, but two if you’ve been disrespected.

The Scowl: The player’s position is that smiling or other expressions of joy are strictly prohibited, especially if you’ve done something good. The owners are fine with this point, especially Mark Cuban.

Quick tangent: I saw a photo of David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals after hitting the game winning homer in game six. As he was approaching the mob of teammates at home plate he was smiling like Lyle Lovett after inexplicably landing Julia Roberts. This expression would NEVER happen in the modern NBA. It’s a good thing David can hit a slider because basketball wouldn’t be an option. Ok, back to the blog.

Commissioner’s request: The Lakers will be required to reserve 1200 seats for B-list celebrities who want to look cool and enhance their reputation by attending Laker games, even if they think a “traveling violation” is when you have to fly coach.

While they are working out these issues, we can watch NBA classics on ESPN and reminisce about the good old days.


  1. Jeff Ryer11/19/2011

    Or you can watch Hockey !

    College Football, Hockey and Basketball ( I don't like watching basketball) is so much more fun to watch. I hate watching NBA players (Average salary is $5MM, but what is the median ?) pouting up and down the court.
    But what would college sports look like if there were no Pro sports ?

  2. Anonymous11/24/2011

    Great to have you back, Auggie!!