Friday, March 20, 2009

A dubious honor

Ever the news hawk, I recently ran across a story from the BBC about people with unfortunate names. I skimmed it over, found it moderately amusing, and forgot about it until last night when I was perusing the coverage of the World Baseball Classic. One Korean player is so unfortunately named, I believe he belongs at the top of the BBC's list.

I know it's immature, but I first cracked up about this guy when I attended the WBC semi-finals in 2006 and read his name on the scoreboard. I had largely forgotten about him and resumed my former appearance of a well-adjusted adult when I ran across his name again last night. I've chuckled off and on all day whenever I've thought of him but I've been fairly discreet in my mirth and, as far as I know, my lack of maturity has gone unnoticed.

If you are either (a) very mature or (b) cool with the idea that everyone might glimpse the juvenile nature of your true self, then feel free to check out the piece I read about this guy and get in touch with your inner 6th-grader.


  1. I'd recommend you don't watch any NASCAR events involving the famed driver Dick Trickle. Especially if he has the pole position.

  2. Anonymous3/23/2009

    Here, in my office, alone, I am still laughing. But then again, we have a similar sense of humor. - t4tr

  3. One of your specialties is making me laugh until I a) get cramps in my cheeks or b) cry. Well done. 2 for 2.