Monday, September 21, 2009

The Brett Report

I know that Favre gets a lot of media attention and that many people find that irritating. That's why this short note is not about "Favre the football player" but about "Brett the person". Okay, I guess that's the same thing but bear with me, at least it's not about football.

One personality trait that is high on my list of endearing charcteristics is the ability to poke fun at oneself. I learned today that Brett has this ability.

I learned it on the radio while driving to work when I heard a Sears advertisement about the TV's they sell. Favre was the shopper and his over-publicized voice was easy to recognize. In the ad dialogue, the sales assistant expresses surprise that Brett makes up his mind so quickly and so definitively about which TV to buy. At first, Favre seems testy that this would be surprising and suggests that he doesn't wish to be seen as a waffler. But here is the closing dialogue:

Favre: I'll take it.
Assistant: Great!
Favre (with great uncertainty): I don't know....

Clearly, he is aware of his image, knows the image is at least partly deserved, and is willing to publicly accept his own role in crafting that image. Good for him.


  1. Any respect I lost for Favre was immediately gained back after I saw that commercial.

    Think it would work for Vick? I'll call PetCo and see if they're willing to put something together.

  2. Anonymous9/23/2009

    As annoying as his ongoing decision teetering must have been for the last 4 years minimally, and to the organizations he has been associated with, I say live and let live. :-)

  3. i too enjoyed this commercial. however, when it comes to 'celebrities poking fun at themselves', nothing will ever be as good as the Kevin Federline nationwide commercial. Click my name to watch.

  4. Anonymous9/23/2009

    Vern said . . .

    Whats Kevin Federline got to do with celebrities?