Sunday, October 11, 2009

NFL Expands to Switzerland?

Or is this just more mindless brand dilution?

I was looking forward to the Patriots/Broncos telecast but when I tuned in, I noticed that the Broncos had given their slot to the Swiss Bumble Clowns whose uniforms were inspired by the Swiss guard.

I know the imaginary readership is not grasping this concept but I am telling you, the emotional bonds between fans and teams, already under pressure from fantasy games that diminish the importance of teams, are crumbling and the NFL is apparently either unaware of or unconcerned about this phenomenon.


  1. Anonymous10/12/2009

    Whenever you are trying to figure out what the NFL is or isn't thinking let me offer a clue to help you out. Greed! They may be aware of the branding phenomenon but they are like a U.S. corporation who is more worried about pumping up it's quarterly earnings than long-term excellence. The multiple uniforms provides merchandising opportunities now at the expense of sound branding principles. [Side note: it's interesting that the league will fine a player for violating the uniform code if his socks are rolled down, but then make them wear clown uniforms]. Greed is also driving the ludicrous notion that they need to play games overseas (gotta get that international money too). They are already the richest and most popular sports league in the nation but it's not enough for them. I fear that greed will eventually be the downfall of the league. Personally, I have no problem when teams update their logos periodically (have you seen what they wore in the 50's?), but they might be going a little overboard now with the four or five different uniforms they wear over the course of a year. RF

  2. i realize my initial opinion on this matter was just as shallow as the marketing executives in the NFL.

    Jacksonville's big move for the fans this last off-season? Changing uniforms. At 2-3, it doesn't look like it is sinking the ship, but it certainly is not a step toward improvement.