Monday, October 5, 2009

NFL and Madden and Branding and Vindication

Just a quick blurb to draw your attention to this story in today's LA Times. It's about John Madden, who has been featured in this blog before, and how he is spending time in retirement.

What is noteworthy is his comment (last full paragraph) about NFL uniforms and how their inconsistency is a detriment to the brand.


  1. Anonymous10/08/2009

    a 73 year old former announcer says it and that's vindication? Oh...I guess I forgot how things might work in Den-land. Personally, I'm going out and buying a old Pats jersey.


  2. A Harvard grad with a fancy PC and a rich research budget could not come close to offering such strong vindication as John Madden, integral cog in wheel of NFL popularity, puts forth with his sage commentary. This is a guy whose understanding of the NFL brand is so profound that his league related earnings are greater each month than JD will earn in a lifetime. At 73, he is pretty much in the sweet spot of experience, acumen, and vitality. The fact that JD is buying the "old" Pat's jersey is my second vindication - he bonded with the original, consistent, image just like we learned he would in Branding 101.

  3. Anonymous10/09/2009

    Wow- now I see it as you choose your arguments both ways. The vindication I have given you is that I have bonded with the original, which is exactly what you are railing against. Is it the original, the current, or the retro (which is the original). I'm connected to all the brands-- one from my childhood, one from the current-- the brand is the team, the fans and the city, not the laundry. I didn't change NFL loyalties when the Pats took on a new uniform about 10 years ago.
    I guess you can ask Joe Morgan about MLB marketing now. Or maybe your local hero in Vin Scully.
    It seems I hit a nerve, Mr. Marketing, and some pesonal psycho-analysis is needed, throwing out issues like my personal income (or lack of it). Its quite clear that you and Mr. Madden know more than the NFL and MLB marketing experts that they employ. JD