Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Things People Say

Sometimes expressions don't need to make literal sense in order to convey the intent of the message. In my opinion, "ass over teakettle" is a perfect example illustrating this fact. The same can be said for single words as we discussed in my earlier post about term "scrut".

Following that earlier post, imaginary readers inquired about the origin of the terms "frig", "dub", "stove", and "puckerbrush". I am happy to report my recent discovery of the online urban dictionary where all of these terms are defined (although their origins are not completely divulged). You may read more by clicking on each link in the list below:
  1. Ass over Teakettle
  2. Scrut
  3. Frig (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  4. Stove
  5. Dub
  6. Puckerbrush (see variant: "puckerbrushknob")
For what it's worth, I also checked out the definition of "darker than the inside of a cow" which is pretty straight forward but curious as a choice of words that anyone could relate to from experience.


  1. Interesting. It looks like anyone can submit a definition. I looked up a couple others, for example 'Gommy'. One definition is actually "Clumsy. A Maine idiom". I also looked up "Slew" which I thought was another Maine idiom describing what happens to your car in a snowstorm, but . . . I needed parental guidance to read it.

  2. Jeff Ryer1/13/2010

    I always thought "slew" was a term for many. As in " DEF must have a slew of time on his hands to look up puckerbrush"