Thursday, June 18, 2009

Car Alarms

Yesterday I ate my lunch at a nice outdoor table, in a quiet pedestrian zone, next to the cacophonous blare of a car alarm.

I don't think car thieves care any more about these ineffective devices. In fact, I am quite sure that no less than 10 years has passed since the last time a car alarm attracted anyone's attention. We all know that the honking is a false alarm and that no car is actually being burglarized despite the high-decibel warning.

Car alarms are an annoyance. They are ineffective. No one wants them or likes them. How about if we just stop putting them on cars so we can all go about our lives in peace.

What do you say, Imaginary Readers? Are you with me?


  1. Though car alarms may be useless, as by the time the owner hears his alarm and gets to his car, the thief is three towns away trying to disguise the still-activated car alarm as merely cheering for his favorite sports team on the radio, I feel the panic button should stay on.

    First, it's an effective method for finding your car that is parked is Section ZZ, row 126, isle 12, sector Alpha, spot 1,657 at the mall. But second, and perhaps most importantly, it's a great entertainment device for scaring strangers who use your car as a coaster while they look for their keys. And don't worry, Maturity did call last night, she misses me and we will hopefully be re-united soon.

  2. Boo Hoo6/19/2009

    Boo Hoo! When you actually own a car that is worth protecting then you will certainly want a car alarm. I should know, I once had a classic Ford Thunderbird, people were always trying to steal it. Thank goodness I had an alarm. On the other hand, I once knew a guy who had a beat-up old Monte Carlo. He left it unlocked up on Monjoy Hill for a week, and no one touched it. Boo Hoo! Next time don't eat outside.