Saturday, June 6, 2009

Toy Guns

Been to a toy store lately? Or to the toy section of a major retailer?

It's really shocking to see that the majority of boy's toys are either guns or characters holding guns. I don't know (nor do the experts who study these things) if violent toys shape attitudes but it can't be good that we encourage shooting as a form of play.

I was out for a run this morning when a neighborhood kid popped out of the bushes and shouted "this is my town" and then proceeded to fill me with imaginary rounds dispensed from his toy rifle. I could hear him cackling with delight as I rounded the corner out of sight.

I know we humans must have some natural tendency toward violence and protecting a territory, otherwise, guns and other weapons would not make interesting toys. But I am not sure we need to encourage violence as a first option for imposing our will when we have evolved so far in terms of civilized co-existence.

I am aware that these types of things (guns as a major toy category) tend to grow from free market forces, not from some evil genius trying to push an agenda through a retail strategy. If toy guns sell, stores will give them as much shelf space as the market will bear.

One of these days, I will gather my thoughts on "the dark side of capitalism" and expand more on this.

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  1. Anonymous6/08/2009

    And check out some of the video games on the market. Virtual maiming complete with blood and guts. And kids line up for these.