Friday, April 24, 2009

NFL Draft: A Major Media Event

Is the NFL a Juggernaut or what? More than 34 million people watched the draft last year and this year the coverage is doubling.

I heard about an ESPN poll showing that, far and away, the most eagerly anticipated sports event of this weekend will be the NFL draft. Sorry NBA play-off fan; sorry NHL play-off fan; college kids are going to find out which team they can try out for and the whole world thinks that's more interesting than the conclusion of your season.

Sorry Red-Sox/Yankees rivalry fan; we know your little hate fest is a good show but not as good as watching Dan Snyder trade the future for his latest man-crush or Al Davis moving up to draft a track star.

I didn't respond to the poll but I guess I am with the masses on this one. There's something about the draft that just can't be ignored.


  1. Jeff Ryer4/24/2009

    The only people watching the draft are the fantasy football freaks who live in houses with peeling paint. I would rather watch paint dry than the draft.

  2. Anonymous4/24/2009

    Fantasy football freaks should not be confused with real football fans. Real fans watch because they are passionate about their teams and they want to see them improve. It's really just a time for optimism and hope. I'm not sure why the fantasy freaks watch.

  3. According to the numbers, both groups ("Fantasy Freaks" and "Real Fans") watch the draft. So do veterinarians, housewives, heads of state, death row inmates, homeless crack junkies, CPA's, schoolgirls, and janitors.