Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Puzzling behavior: Follow Up

Contributed by Auggie: Confused fan of the NBA
I saw what I thought to be a disturbing picture after the Philadelphia-Orlando playoff game (see inset). I fully expected the caption to say “NBA player seeks to maim opponent, restrained by teammate”. But then I noticed the teammate was happy and I said to myself (in a robot voice, strangely enough) ‘This Does Not Compute’. So I read the caption and it seems that Mr. Iguodala just hit the game winning shot - in a playoff game no less. That explains the smile on the face of his teammate, but . . . . ahhhhh, so you’re allowed to show happiness if you’re not the one who actually made the shot. But if you make the play you must look like Johnny Rambo after Murdoch hung him out to dry. Slowly, I’m figuring this out.

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  1. he must be pissed off because, if they keep winning, he won't be able to watch the NFL draft.