Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Approved Forms of Litter

When I become Commander of All Things, a likely career step in my future, I will be making some pretty big changes. For example, here is a list of currently approved forms of litter, all of which will be banned under my reign:

1. Flyers left on the front doorknob of my home from cleaners, painters, and roof guys
2. Coupons left on the windshield of my car by restaurants and clubs
3. Little baggies of rocks thrown into my driveway by landscapers
4. Sales flyers deposited into my mailbox by anyone other than a US Postal worker
5. Stickers left on the door handle of my car
6. Mini-flags planted in my front yard by real estate agents
7. Anything else I think of before becoming the Commander of All Things

I will also crack down on one that is already illegal but inexplicably accepted by many: cigarette butts. Who started the idea that stubs are OK to flick onto the ground and why has that idea caught on?

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