Thursday, May 28, 2009

Requisite Favre Post

As a blogger, I am akin to a member of the media. As such, there are certain immutable, FCC regulations by which I must abide. One of those is that no less than 5% of my writing must be about Brett Favre.

So I guess Fran Tarkenton has issues with Brett. I could speculate on the source of those issues but I generally try to avoid playing amateur psychologist. Ah, what the heck, I think he's jealous that Brett now holds records he once held and is afraid of being displaced in the conversation about great Vikings QB's. If Favre goes to Minnesota for a season or two and (gasp) wins a SuperBowl with their highly talented roster of current players, many might equate him with the Vikings greatest success and drop Fran from his current perch atop that particular discussion.

Tarkenton went on the radio yesterday and absolutely lambasted Farve. Seems like he is also harboring some thinly veiled anger toward the Vikings and all NFL owners as well. You can read his rant here and click through to hear the audio clip if you wish.

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