Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speaking of Quarterbacks . . .

Contributed by Auggie

OK, OK, OK. Brady hurt his knee, had surgery, and is now participating in the team's OTAs. He's ahead of schedule but we won't know how he reacts meantally until the real games start. WE GET IT!! God forbid a sports "reporter" would report about actual football stuff. Why do any real work when you can just show a close up of Brady's knee and then talk about it for 30 minutes . . . every . . .freaking . . . day!! And then for good measure, daily written updates in every sports publication around. Really, how much is there to say?

Ok, I feel better now. You're right Den, this blogging racket is a bit therapeutic.

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  1. Anonymous5/30/2009

    What's Tiger doing today? Oh, I forgot, getting ready for the Memorial...- JD