Sunday, May 10, 2009

What do WWDS Imaginary Readers Look Like?

Here is one hitting a 1-iron off the eastern face of Tumbledown Mountain.


  1. Anonymous5/12/2009

    You wouldn't happen to have a picture of one of your imaginary readers do something silly - like, say falling off a diving board and breaking their leg in the water ?

  2. I can vouch for the reader in this photo and verify that he is indeed imaginary. More so than most.....

  3. Anonymous5/13/2009

    Or say . . . a picture of someone backing their jeep into a granite quarry?

  4. Anonymous5/13/2009

    I know who that is, it's the PGA logo guy. Looks just like it. I'm guessing that ball either a) landed in the center of Webb lake, or b) drilled an innocent hiker on the way up the mountain. RF

  5. Anonymous5/13/2009

    Looks like a slice or weak push-fade, should be more up on that back toe. A one-iron? No one hits a one iron anymore. JD..

  6. Anonymous5/13/2009

    The fact that no one uses a 1-iron is probably why he used it to hit from the rocks and then as a walking stick on the way down.

  7. Anonymous5/13/2009

    This guy swings like a Tin Man !