Sunday, May 17, 2009

Long Live Newspapers

I'm hip, I'm fly, I'm phat. I get technology. I'm down with Web 2.0 and I am all for progress, dog.

Alright, I'm faking it. I might as well come clean: I like newspapers. Does that make me a troglodyte?

They should be easy to eschew. Big flapping sheets of tissue paper that smear ink on your hands and have a shelf life of a few hours but an afterlife (in the landfills) of a hundred years or so. Not very green. Not even very timely given the 11pm deadline for the next morning's news.

So what's to like?

I guess it's that they've been an enjoyable part of my day for too many years. Just imagining the quiet of the dawn with a hot cup of coffee and a crisply folded daily puts me into a relaxed but anticipatory mood. It's a ritual that can get me ready for just about any type of day. I can't imagine that they could one day (and a soon day at that) all be gone.

But I know they could be.


  1. i hope they don't disappear before me! i love my coffee and paper first thing in the morning and do NOT function well until i have sat down and enjoyed both.

  2. Anonymous5/21/2009

    I'm going to add that my local paper continues to deteriorate-- as others cancel subscriptions their revenue is reduced and they cut expenses. As they cut expenses the content gets reduced. As the content gets reduced so does my enjoyment and hence I'm considering cancelling. A self-fulfilling prophecy... JD