Saturday, May 30, 2009

Press: Too Much and Too Little

I see a theme emerging here.

I mentioned the FCC requirement that a percentage of all media coverage refer to Brett Favre. This sparked a post from Auggie about the overwhelming publicity of Brady-related non-stories. That in turn prompted frequent (but erratic) commenter "JD" to snipe sarcastically about Tiger.

Here are two lists. A partial list of things that seem to get too much press and a partial list of things I think should get more "ink". Feel free to help me round them out.

Too Much:
1. Favre
2. Brady
3. Tiger
4. Steroids
5. Obama's Dog
6. Celebrity political opinions
7. Polls
8. The Dow
9. Housing prices

Too Little:
1. Korea testing missiles (this one is getting some run)
2. NFL players life expectancy of 57
3. US and European obesity rates among children
4. Increased smoking among teens
5. 42 separate wars on the planet right now
6. Disparity of education quality between inner-city and suburbs
7. What Would Den Say Blog

Any thoughts?


  1. Anonymous5/30/2009

    too much...Jon and Kate...

    too little...any GOOD news...


  2. Anonymous5/30/2009

    NFL players have an average life expectancy of 57????

  3. Sad but true about the NFL players.

    Can't believe I forgot to mention the Octamom in the "Too Much Press" discussion....