Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Non-Question About Pete Rose

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame?

This does not qualify as an answer because that does not qualify as a question. Just have a look at this little blurb from the top of his Wikipedia entry:

Rose, a switch hitter, is the all-time Major League leader in hits (4,256), games played (3,562), at-bats (14,053), and outs (10,328). He won three World Series rings, three batting titles, one Most Valuable Player Award, two Gold Gloves, the Rookie of the Year Award, and made 17 All-Star appearances at an unequaled five different positions (2B, LF, RF, 3B & 1B).

He was an All-Star at five different positions. Did you catch that?

If you want to keep him out of the Baseball Hall-of-Good-Boy, we can have that discussion. If you want to keep him out of the Baseball Hall-of-Fame, then you need to be reading the posts over at "What Would Moron Say?". As a fan of the game, I think Charlie Hustle deserves his own wing. He might be one of the top five most famous baseball players of all time.

Look at this way: the HOF is a museum about the history of the game of baseball. Pete Rose is a major part of that history and his legacy, the good and the bad of it, should all be enshrined. I can't believe anyone would even question that.


  1. Anonymous8/27/2009

    I agree that Pete Rose should be in the HOF. Keep in mind that the HOF is not a part of MLB. Certainly they maintain a strong relationship but there are people in the HOF that were not players or even participants in MLB.

    The fact that we rely on the "Baseball Writers" as gatekeepers of the HOF is ridiculous in my opinion. They operate on the idea that any player on baseballs ineligible list does not qualify.

    It will be interesting to see if players like Darryl Strawberry, Dave Parker and Mark Mcgwire make the HOF. TF

  2. Anonymous8/27/2009

    Agree- and put in Shoeless Joe...JD

  3. Anonymous9/26/2009

    Last I checked Ty Cobb was in that Hall. Wasn't he know for being Racist, brutally unsportsmanlike and not well thought of by his peers. But the guy was one of the best hitters to ever play the game. I think Mr. Rose looks like an angel compared to Cobb. Furthermore the numbers that Rose has accomplished are far more respectible than some of the other players that have been inducted. Just because the Commissioner of Baseball decides, it shouldn't make it the final decision.

    If they can overturn the Roger Maris decision, they can pardon Rose and get him in the hall..We all know he belongs there.