Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vick's Schtick

You know I root for these things to end well but something tells me the Michael Vick story is not bound for a happy final chapter. I am troubled by the total lack of personal responsibility reflected in the words he chose when addressing a group of young men at Hampton University earlier this week.

He spoke of his troubled past and said that he "allowed someone who didn't have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me". This does not sound at all like a guy who thinks he made a horrendous error of moral judgment but instead like a guy who thinks he was a victim.

If this is the tone he strikes on Sunday night during his highly anticipated 60 Minutes interview, he can forget about any hopes of redemption in society. Even if someone coaches him on a better choice of words, it is already pretty clear that he might not be sincerely remorseful for what he has done.

I hope I am wrong but my current prognosis on Vick's rehabilitative stint in prison and subsequent NFL probation is that they may not be working.

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