Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Should Society Do With Michael Vick?

This topic seems to really polarize people. Questions and debate aside, it looks like he is coming back to play in the NFL this year. He's been cleared by the Commissioner and credible sources report that multiple teams are interested in signing him.

There is no doubt that he made repeated, premeditated decisions that were both reprehensible and illegal. He has paid a huge social price for his lack or morality and has been formally punished by the legal system. In this regard, due process has played out.

As such, society should be ready to reset the clock and start over. Clearly, many among us are not quite there.

Right or wrong, I think his impending return to the NFL will be interesting. I don't know if or how he will be able to make a team better but I am curious to see. I don't know if he is truly reformed but I look forward to watching his forward trajectory.

And because I love to see the fallen pick themselves up, I really hope we get to see him channel all of the media attention he will generate into a constructive direction. He will have a great opportunity to promote his own painful example, to educate, and to affect broad change. Despite the temptation to root against him, I hope he uses this opportunity wisely, restores his place in society, and makes the world better.

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